FREE Speed Stick Gear Deodorant at CVS + Moneymaker


 FREE Speed Stick Gear Deodorant at CVS + Moneymaker

Buy two Speed Stick Gear Deodorants @2/$8 = $8.00
Use (2) $2/1 Speed Stick Gear (x7/31) = -$4.00
And use (1) $1.50/$4 Deodorant purchase = -$1.50
(swipe CVS card at CVS Coupon machine for coupon)
Out Of Pocket: $2.50
Get Back: $3 ExtraBucks (limit 1)
Final Price: Free + $0.50 Moneymaker

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Shopping Tips With Laundry Coupons Plus Better Ways to Spend Money

Don’t let your hard earned money go to waste at the grocery store. Here are 5 tips to improve your shopping and how to benefit from laundry coupons.

Saving money at the grocery store with laundry coupons is very easy. Here are 5 tips for you to try today to start making a difference in how you shop and improve it tremendously:

Shop with coupons. These are helpful tools in money saving. Each and every coupon you bring and use ends up as extra cash in your pocket that you would have otherwise spent. Find ones for items you frequently use around the house such as laundry coupons, toilet paper coupons, and dairy coupons. It is not hard to get in the habit of using these and finding them is as easy as doing a quick online search or visiting couponing websites. Keep them in a binder and have them at a ready each time you go shopping.

Have a list. Never leave home without a list. It is very easy to fill your cart with stuff you don’t need, don’t even want, and will never use without one. It all boils down to preparation. Remember, you spend hours at work trying to earn the money that you use to buy your groceries so why should you not take a moment to get organized before spending it? If you think about it, you don’t have to sit on a chair for hours just to identify what you truly need to buy. Before leaving, have a good look at your pantry. See what you have and list down the items that you need to get. After creating the list, go over your binder and see what coupons match it. From here, it is as simple as taking the laundry coupons and whatever else to the store to ensure discounts.

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Deal: $0.78 M&M’s Easter Candy at Target


Deal: $0.78 M&M’s Easter Candy at Target

Buy eight M&M’s Easter Bags @$2.89/ea = $23.12
Use (2) $2/3 Mars Bites 7-11.5 oz coupons = -$4.00
And use (1) $1/2 Mars Easter (RP 3/9, x4/20) = -$1.00
And use (1) $1.50/2 M&M’s Target coupon (x4/27) = -$1.50
And use 10% Off M&M’s 9.9 oz+ Cartwheel (x4/19) = -$1.00
Out of Pocket: $15.62
Get Back: $5 Target Gift Card
(4-6 In-Ad, x4/12, or text EASTER to 827438, or print here)
Final Price: $1.33 each

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Getting Extra Money With The Use Of Printable Coupons

Smart shoppers can most definitely rely on coupons for that much needed cash savings. To put simply, for every $1 coupon you redeem for every 10 items, you easily put $10 in your pocket. The savings coupons bring can go unnoticed if you only rely on their individual face value but if you take a macro view of how they affect your shopping experience, the impact is massive so what better way to do today that collect printable coupons from this website, your best source of coupons online.

This year, it may be challenging to shop with all of your coupons because of the massive crowd so it is wise to pick a time when the crowd is not as big in the stores. Try early in the morning or around lunch. The time when a grocery store is lax can vary depending on where you are but if you apply a little strategy on your shopping, it is possible to pull through unscathed. For more killer tips and techniques on the pro use of printable coupons, visit this website and learn how the experts get more on their cart but less on their tab easy.

Save up on your summer groceries with the expert use of printable coupons. With strategic use of these budget boosters, you can easily cut as much as 50% off your total bill at the checkout counter. How bad can that be? Grab those printable coupons from this website right now and get 50% more funds for your grocery shopping!


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